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My Elevator Speech: to get the public to say, “Tell me more!”

I help 10-14 year olds develop reading, writing, and communication skills at the library so that they can grow to become free thinking, responsible members of society through their individual strengths.


Tween Programming Philosophy

In our determination to reach the children of DeKalb ages 10 to 14 years old, the library has created programming specifically for tweens. Children between these ages tend to get lost in the shuffle, too old to be a young child, but not quite old enough to be a teen, they have their own interests and thought processes. Programs for this age group allow tweens to continue to find value in libraries, not just as young children and then adults, but through their tweens and into their teens as well. The library develops programming, collections, and meeting areas with tweens in mind in order to create a safe, fun environment where tweens can meet others their own age with similar interests, be themselves, and express their independence.

In order to assist tweens on their journey through life-long learning we develop programming meant to enhance their reading, digital, visual, information, and cultural literacy. Monthly book discussions, writing programs, and activities are created to be fun and interactive ways to learn about the world around them. While most programs are held in the library, some may partner with community organizations and businesses in order to help reach tweens who are unable to regularly attend the library and to build a sense of place in their local society.  Monthly activities may use art, science, computers, math, reasoning, reading, and communication skills in order to accomplish the task at hand. All tween programs take into consideration the needs, wants, and interests of those they were intended to serve in order to provide entertaining and interesting ways of sharing and learning.


To view my professional development check out my resume here.