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I have completed my very own website! Check it out here. It is a very simple site but I know I would not have been able to create it without taking an Information Technologies class. I think it was actually pretty fun using HTML5 to create the site. Uploading it to the internet was also a learning experience, really where does one go to upload such a thing? But with a free online program and a few clicks it is up on the bama.ua.edu server!

We also learned how to use simple Unix commands to manipulate the site using strictly keyboards. This was actually harder for me than the HTML. Thank goodness my dad is a wiz with computers and had the original user manual published by the creators back in 1984.

I realized that without Unix we would not have the much easier to use programs of today to upload websites and manipulate them on a server. So thank you Unix for paving the way for the current generation of website creators!

How many ability points do I earn for increased IT fluency???