One last little foray into the world of social media before I can officially end my semester and complete my degree. Three of my classmates and I worked on a project with real-world application. We designed a media plan for a fairly new dog training business in Tuscaloosa, AL. The company doesn’t currently have a strong online presence and we were hoping to help the owner develop a plan to increase her online visibility.

My partners were Meredith, Kate, Julia, and Kristina (click their names to connect to their blogs). Meredith really got us rolling on this project, setting up our initial meeting time, contacting the client on our behalf, and writing about Facebook and how it can help enhance business. Kate did a great job of proofing, editing, and formatting our paper and wrote about Instagram. Julia really delved into the pros and cons of having a website vs. a blog in a brief way that efficiently got the point across and hosts our paper on her blog. Kristina shared her expertise on Snapchat. I wrote about how you can use Twitter for small businesses and proofed all of our references to ensure they matched APA styling.

This was a really interesting project and I learned a lot. I found it very interesting on how to use blogs and Instagram for business. Sorry, Kate, I didn’t think it could be so relevant! If anyone lives in the Tuscaloosa area and are in need of positive dog training, look up Dog’N’It, soon to have an awesome online presence!