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My life as a graduate student is coming to an end! Let’s see if taking classes which require me to keep a blog will actually encourage me to maintain a regular posting schedule. My mentor, the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (there are no other words to describe how awesome he is) Steve Roman, has encouraged me to be professionally active on social media and was one of the reasons I began this blog (check out his published books here and here). This point was driven home as it was required for a few of my classes. It has been difficult to try to tie all of the class requirements into posts pertaining to teen and tween programming, but this one is easy…

I’m thinking about Teen Read Week in October and I decided I would do a program that uses social media! See how I can get that to tie in with some of my previous posts??? So I’m planning a photo contest where teens can take pictures of the weirdest places they can think of to read and then post it on my library’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Since the theme for 2016 is Read for the Fun of It! I thought this would tie in nicely. I also created a hashtag for the teens to use while sharing their pictures. Now, since I created this program for class it might change a little, but besides the cost of the prize this activity is free! Just remind your teens they should think about their safety in their quest to be funny and original.

Photo Contest