I’m reflecting on my social media use over the last month. I’ve increased my activity on my Facebook page (at least I’m checking it more frequently), I signed up for Snapchat (my 11-year-old cousin had to show me how to use it), but I’m actually posting on Instagram less. I’m pretty sure using Instagram less has nothing to do with decreased interest and everything to do with no time to take pictures as I finish my degree. I’m even thinking about joining Tumblr, I wanna be part of the Harry Potter fandom! I’m feeling comfortable enough to create relevant hashtags but choose not to on my personal Facebook page as I know everyone can see the content posted with the hashtag even if I use all of the privacy controls. I’ll probably start using hashtags more on Twitter and Instagram when I add original content.

I think I have a healthy level of paranoia. I rarely have the location of my phone turned on, I try not to post too personal information on my Instagram (or else it would all be pictures of my baby niece), and I never check in at places unless a ton of other people are also at that location (like Disney World). Yet using social media is a way for people to share themselves with the world, it puts the focus on ME, something I’m not 100% comfortable with unless you’re a close friend or family member. I’m glad some people are all for using social media to be in the spotlight and that it’s a great way to keep connected with family and friends all over the world, but I’m content with my usage and I think that’s all anyone can do if they choose to use social media.