Some of my library’s teens say they are not as addicted to social media as everyone thinks they are. Though when I ask them to talk to me about teens and social media they start yelling, “Dat Boi” at me. What? Apparently it’s a meme featuring a green frog, frequently on a bicycle. Some images aren’t great for all ages, but I asked and they answered.

I’m sitting in a room with five teens as they’re supposed to be working on writing. We’re here for my library’s Your Write program, which gives teens a chance to focus on writing their own stories or developing RPGs (role playing games). Three of them are drawing, mostly their own manga/anime characters, one is developing the setting and characters for a Dungeons and Dragons game they’ll be playing later, and the last is looking up random stuff online and commenting on what he finds.

Back to social media; last week when I asked some of the teens if they had a favorite app I got a few blank stares, but not because they didn’t know what I was talking about. “Do you have a smartphone?” I asked. Only one of the four did. What was his favorite app? Remember the Milk, an app that allows you to make to do lists and share them with others. Many of them don’t have internet to access the content of their iPod Touch or other devices. They hate Facebook and how their activity is tracked. They think Tumblr is okay, they say the people are trash, the people who run it don’t listen to them and their suggestions, but others re-blog their content so it’s good. Reposting in Tumblr is annoying and bad as the content created by someone else is reposted but information about who created it is not, which is rude, so the teens encourage re-blogging to give the creator credit. I’m learning so much!