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Once a month I invite local tweens to participate in a library program we named Magic Muffin Magazine. I have laptops from the library for the kids to use with internet and Word. I let them write whatever they want as long as they keep it PG-13. If needed, I have pictures they can use for inspiration. I sometimes print out lists which I think might be helpful for the young authors. One girl expressed an interest in making a play out of her story so I located samples of play manuscripts for her to work off of. I noticed the kids use the word “said” a LOT so I found a list of words which can replace it.

I love watching the kids process their ideas into a story. Some come up with something at home and are typing it and others just spend the two hours available to write a story they come up with that day. They’re all open on ways to make their story better. Sometimes I help them type but mostly I make sure their grammar is fixed and they story makes sense. I always do a read through with each tween and ask them questions if any part of the story is confusing or unclear.

The tweens are always asking how many people have read their work. Please feel free to read the first three issues and let me know what you think!

2014-06 Magic Muffin Magazine issue 1

2014-07 Magic Muffin Magazine issue 2

2014-08 Magic Muffin Magazine issue 3