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I’m currently working on earning my Masters in Library Science and this semester we’re looking into technology. The course book is HTML5 Step by Step by Faithe Wempen. To say this was a little intimidating was an understatement. I spoke with my family about learning HTML and I had different reactions.

My father is fully technology fluent. He is excited to share his expertise with me. He’s been working with computers since the 1960s. I remember him telling me how big computers used to be, taking up whole rooms. He has been my computer programmer and IT guy my entire life. New technology out in the world? It was only a matter of time before we owned it. I was never too worried about doing something wrong on my computer because I knew Dad could fix it. I have always wondered why my sister and I didn’t inherit his tech savvy.

My mother on the other hand is practically a luddite. She gave me a “good luck look” when I told her about learning HTML. Any time new technology is introduced to the house we have to warm her up to it. New TV? New laptop? New Smartphone? All are challenging. I understand where she’s coming from, its intimidating to learn things from scratch, especially since you feel like you just got used to the last new thing before it ups and changes. Though anytime something on a computer or phone doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to she gets angry with it very easily. Thank goodness Dad’s good at trouble shooting!

My sister and I are technology literate. We understand how to use and manipulate most technology we come across. Though I do think she is either more patient in learning new apps and devices or she has a weird 6th sense on where the designer has decided to place tools and buttons in the technology. I now feel like I’m getting a leg up on her by learning HTML5 because I will have a basic understanding of how websites and such are created and work. Hey sis, need me to help you start a blog? I think I’m figuring it out!

All of this technology talk has me thinking about the kids at the library where I work. The Teen Librarian has been telling me every teen should know a little bit about coding so they don’t let technology take advantage of them in the future. I wasn’t sure I agreed with him since, at the time, I didn’t want to learn it. I try to not do programs and activities with the tweens and teens unless I too have an interest in it. If can’t get excited about showing them how to do it, how can I get them excited about it? But after going through the first several chapters of the HTML5 book I realize this is actually pretty easy and don’t know why I thought it would be so hard.

The next question is: How can I turn this into a teen program and actually get them to attend???